MiD Story Handheld Projector (V2)


*Help kids explore their imaginations with the Kids Story Handheld Projector
*Encourage the most out of your children’s imaginations with this toy that comes with 4 different story picture wheels each with 8 different pictures for children to explore.
*With dozens of funny and exciting images, Kids Story Handheld Projecto will bring the most out of kids’s imagination and allow them to dive into imaginative worlds and see the world through a different lense.
*This interactive toy helps to develop kids’ imagination with bedtime fairy tales.
*They will not be afraid of darkness any more!

*Story Mode comes with different 8 disc stories:
The Enormous Turnip
The Boy Who Cried Wolf
The Gingerbread Man
I Want To Go Space
The Happy Prince.
*Projects 64 different images.
8 images per story.

*Project the image onto the screen
*Turn the lens head to focus, if image is blurry
*Turn the disc to switch other images

*Nightlight Mode
*Projection of night galaxy with soft soothing night
*Auto shutdown after 15 minutes

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