Lighted Foam Planes (Assorted Colors)


*Assorted Colors – Random color will be given

*Please indicate preference during checkout, we will accommodate to the best we can

*Light up the airplane with a flick of the button

*Suitable for both day and night flying

*Made from foam materials. Its lightweight, has good flexibility, impact resistance and children friendly too

*2 different type of flight modes for hand throwing airplane

*There are 2 holes in the airplane’s tail that enables each flight mode. Affix the small wing at the bottom hole, the airplane will fly in Glider mode. Affix small wing to the top hole, the airplane will fly in Reversal mode

*Suitable for outdoor play, such as parks and beaches. Play in a larger areas to have more fun and to avoid injury to others and damages to airplane

*Airplane consists of the fuselage and two wings,easy to assemble and disassemble, affix the pattern on the wings by yourself easily

*Great exercise and workout for the kids, get them to engage in more physical activities while enjoying the fun of flying the airplane

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