Cognition Puzzle (Numbers)


***Please note: Color of the box is subjected to change without prior notice, please check with our team if you have any concern***

*Cognition puzzle is an early educational card for kids.

*Fit for kids above 6 month.

*A flash card is very useful to children.

*All the 32pcs cards are in a box, can help kids to learn how to organize the toys after playing

*Card has image and simple word on one side.

*On the other side of the card, there is a simple puzzle/shape match. Only one half of the image, you need to find out the other half of the image. This small game is fun for kids too.

*When kids like to read and learn, many parents like to draw a picture on the other side of the flash card to give kids a hint, which will improve the interest and memory. With this toy, both picture and word are already in, which can save time and have more time in learning and playing.

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