Tiny Town


*Learning through play: Build your own town today!!
*Coffee shop, flower shop, bakery , police station and etc,
*While building the town, it can help to enhance your kids’s imagination and at the same time, get to know more vocabulary and its functions.
*You can easily expand it by combining other wooden block toy set to form a bigger, taller and more exciting town!
*You need not be an architect or town planner to have fun with your kids!!!
*Material: wooden
*For Ages 3+

*50 Blocks (Different shapes and colours with different painting: shops , signboards, cars and etc);
*8 pieces of cardboard jigsaw puzzle which form the new town base

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*Packaging Size: 28.5cm x 24cm x 8.8cm
*Puzzle Base: 80cm x 34cm
*Biggest Block Height: 3cm
*Smallest: 1.5cm
*Car: 1.7cm