Strawberry Birthday Cake Party


*Strawberry Birthday Cake Party toy set exactly what you give to a birthday girl. See the kids spend hours using their imagination to create the most fun filled party, and observe how learn social skills they need as they grow. Your kids can imitate the way you have your afternoon tea, and they pick up sharing and organizing skills as they role play.
*Develop kid’s imaginations and brain development. Your children develop problem solving as they think through food preparation, serving food and dividing food among friends.

*1 Wooden Storage Box
*2 Saucers
*2 Tea Cups
*2 Forks
*1 Spatula
*1 Teapot with removable lid
*1 Milk Pitcher
*1 Sugar Jar with removable lid & Spoon
*1 Cake (cut into 4 slices)
*1 Cake Base
*1 Happy Birthday Decoration
*4 Candles
*4 Whipped Cream with Stick
*4 Slice of Strawberry
*4 Strawberry

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*Packaging Size: 19cm x 18.5cm x 15.5cm