Adjustable Multifuctional Easel


*f you get an art easel for kids, you may want to think on the long term, especially if your child has already shown signs of increasing in drawing or even coloring and painting.
*As such, you’ll need something he or she can grow up with.
Featuring fully height-adjustable painting or drawing panels, the 3 in 1 Multifunctional Wooden Art Easel is a great growing-up tool.
*The magnetic white board makes for an excellent surface for dry erase makers as well as magnet accessories.
*The blackboard can make for an fabulous surface for doodling with standard or colored chalks.
*The beauty of the Art Easel is built-in Paper Roll tube that you can easily refill.
*The double-sided panels can be easily adjusted with a turn of a few knobs.

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